Birding & Nature

 in Cuba

Various dates.

A 14 day journey through Cuba with our know-ledgeable guide and local experts.  Locations including Viñales Valley, the Zapate Peninsula, Topas de Collantes and Cayo Coco.


Havana Jazz


January 14 to 19

Experience the best of Cuban jazz. Enjoy universal entrances to all the festival events including a private jazz performance by local musicians. There is much more for you during our trip!


The Jewish Experience

February 19 to 24

The story of the Jewish community in Cuba is an essential model of respect and harmony between two very different yet  similar cultures.  Join us as we visit Havana and Cienfuegos to explore and meet the local Jewish communities.


Food is Culture    in Cuba

​​March 20 to 25

Explore Cuba's culture and people through it's music, art and cuisine.  In Havana visit private homes and  artist studios. In the western province of Pinar del Río we visit tobacco farms, natural reserves and visit a rural home for a  traditional country meal for unique experience. Registration is limited to a small group.
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Cuba's Provincial Legacies

April 25 to May 2

A week's exploration of Cuba's World Heritage Sites in Havana, Cienfuegos, Trinidad de Cuba, Camagüey and Matanzas.  Travel with a small group to examine the legacy of Cuba's history, architecture and culture.  Registration is limited.



Family Adventure

July 1 to 6

This is one of our more popular programs with family-oriented activities and an educational focus.  We explore Havana, the western province Pinar del Río with a beach day outside Havana. Including visits to artist studios and ceramic workshops.  Experience local music and traditional Cuban cuisine. Registration is limited.


The Arts in


May 11 to 16

A week's survey of Havana'a vibrant and diverse cultural venues.  Visit studios of painters, sculptures and photographers with dinners at artist's homes.  Private dance rehearsals and a behind the scenes look into Cuba's premiere art school, ISA.  Registration is limited.
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Thanksgiving in Havana

November 23 to 28

New Year's

in Havana

Dec 28 to Jan 2

Celebrate Thanksgiving in a private home in Havana with like-minded travelers; join a 6 Day program in Havana and rural Pinar del Río. 
Experience New Year's at a Gala event at Havana's Plaza of the Cathedral and an in-depth examination of contemporary Cuban art with studio visits.
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