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Vic Ruggiero | Tony Ransola

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Tony was born in Cuba and with his family emigrated to the U.S. in the early 1960s.  Tony had a successful career in marketing and design in New York’s garment industry.  Tony and Vic met in 1979 and remain life partners. They joined their talents to create WorldGuest and offered their first exchange trips to Cuba in 1998; they began to be known as “los muchashos cubanos” or the Cuba Boys (@CubaBoys) to the Habaneros, friends in Havana and fellow travelers.

Tony and Vic have lived through four U.S. presidents and two Castros; all the while keeping true to the vision that it is good to get out of our comfort zone, try new foods, listen to strange but intriguing music and, for a moment experience everyday life as if for the first time.  Travel is a process that forces us to lose sight of all that is familiar by keeping us off balance.  At the end of the day all people are the same, no matter where you find yourself.

Travel can help us see the world of differently.  It is a very interesting enterprise.  Our approach combines singular service, authentic local expertise and beyond-the-guidebook insider access, all of which come together to create memories of a lifetime.  We look forward meeting and traveling with you, explore this intriguing destination with us.

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What Our Fellow Travelers Say...

Dear Tony,

I just wanted to tell you and Vic how much the trip impacted both of us. Suddenly we are the most interesting people in any room, and it's lucky that people seem interested since we can't stop talking about it. Pretty soon everyone in Chicago will have heard about our glimpse of Cuba. Ordinarily we suffer from political differences that are somewhat trying, but we seem to see Cuba the same way, which is a refreshing bonus. So, thanks for going through all that you do to bring people like us to see Cuba for ourselves.

Carolyn and David Healy

Thanks, Tony. 

You and Vic did a wonderful job of organizing, making it all fun as well as super meaningful.  Our venture through the airports on our way home was smooth as silk thanks to your detailed instructions.  Missed seeing the pig on a rope - but maybe next time.  Please keep us on your tour list for adventures to other locales as well.  You'll have our group of 20 easily.  

​​Wendy Weidner

Dear Tony and Vic,

Thanks for the picture and the e-mails. We haven’t been able to stop thinking about Cuba and all the people we met. The trip was truly amazing ! Going there with you and Vic was in no small measure the reason we will always remember Cuba.  I would like to know when you will be taking another group. Our very close friends (who we always travel with) couldn't make the trip and I haven’t stopped talking about it so they would like to know about your next trips, please contact me.

Stephanie Green

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Dear Vic and Tony,

Many thanks again to you for an incredible and unforgettable trip to Cuba!  I loved every minute of it and am hoping to go back soon!  Thanks so much again and please feel free to call me if you need more information or help with the museum’s trip.  Sincerely,

KiKi Gaffney

Hi Tony:

Jane and I had a great time.  Your guidance and handling of the group, and its individual members, was great. I know some of us expressed concern at the end of the trip and getting our art acquisitions through Cuban customs and out of Cuba but we now realize we were mistaken in those concerns and that you knew exactly what to do and how to smooth our passage.  You and Vic made our trip memorable.

Don Savelson

Hi Tony and Vic,

Thank you for the email list and the photo. It brings back great memories of an extraordinary trip which would never have been so special without the two of you. So thank you for making our trip to Cuba so special and so fascinating. I learned a lot and really appreciate it.  Fondly,

Maxine Forman

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