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Jazz Plaza 2020, the 35th International Jazz Festival of Havana, which is sponsored by famed Cuban jazz artist Chucho Valdes and ICM, or the Cuban Institute of Music, will be held in numerous locations throughout the Cuban capital from January 14 to 19, 2020.

This festival has grown into an important international event in the jazz world. This event highlights Cuban traditions of Western and Afro-Cuban musical forms. The festival features Cuban jazz greats of the art-form.  Cuban culture is a blend of European and African traditions. It is, as the Cubans will say, an “ajiaco”; a stew where everyone contributes and is always being reinvented.

Program is operated by BringingHopeFoundation, Inc. and is licensed to travel to Cuba for humanitarian exchange activities.  These regulations require that guest’s participation on each program is mandatory. All travelers will receive confirmation authorizing travel to Cuba. 

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